Here is an amazing link to download free permaculture ebooks, made available by Green Shopping. You’ll find great books such as Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and also A Facilitator’s Guide for Permaculture, Gaia Economics and all five volumes of A Farmer’s Handbook. A great way to start your journey on permaculture!

Find them here ->

Joaninha com cor

And for the committed permaculturers, we recommend these (although we think you may already know them!):

The basics of permaculture design” by Ross Mars

Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway

Desert of paradise” by Sepp Holzer

Your garden’s alive” by Maria Thun

Dragon Dreaming” by John Croft

The harmonious weeds” by Mark Moody

The secret life of plants” by Tompkins & Byrd

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